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At Katie’s Tire & Auto, these are our guiding principles. We know how important your vehicle is to your daily life and we’re here to keep you rolling. Give us a call today and let our friendly team members take care of you and your vehicle. 


Our experts will recommend the right match for your car and driving style and complete your tire installation quickly and safely. We stock a wide selection of reputable brand name tires – including all-season, performance, winter, SUV, boat, trailer, lawn mower, camper and tractor tires. Every purchase of a full set of tires comes with free tire rotations for life.


Unlike those quick lube shops, we will never recommend something you don’t need. At Katie’s Tire & Auto you will receive a fast and friendly oil change service. Every oil change comes with a FREE tire rotation. On Wednesdays get an oil change for just $9.99. See our coupon page for restrictions and details.


Is your check engine light on? We will scan it on the computer for FREE. Our technicians will perform a computer diagnostic to identify the issue and determine the necessary repairs.


When it comes to vehicle safety, nothing is more critical than maintaining your brakes in good working order. If you’re brake light is on, are having trouble stopping, or you hear squealing or grinding noises when you brake – don’t ignore these warning signs. Katie’s Tire & Auto techs can inspect, repair, and replace your brakes to keep you safe on the road.


Poor handling, excessive bouncing, stiff steering, and accelerated tire wear are all signs that there could be something wrong with the components in your car’s steering and suspension systems. If things start to get bumpy, have one of our skilled mechanics evaluate your shocks and struts to ensure they’re not causing dangerous and costly damage. Get the best handle on your steering repair and suspension repair at Katie’s Tire & Auto.


Proper tire repair is critical. At Katie’s Tire & Auto we will restore your tire to industry standards. We offer a full range of tire repair services. Whether it is a slow leak, a leaky valve stem, or a tire puncture, we will use the right tools and procedures to get you safely on the road again.


Are you experiencing excessive wheel vibration, shaking in the steering wheel at high speeds, or tire pulling? If so your tires may need balancing to correct those issues and give you a smoother ride. The tire industry recommends you have your wheels balanced every 6,000 miles.


Heat, vibration, and contamination are all detrimental to belts and hoses. It is part of what makes them the fastest-wearing automotive components. Stop by Katie’s Tire & Auto and we’ll examine and replace all your damaged belts and hoses for less than the dealer charges. Our experienced technicians always deliver top-notch service.


If your car AC is not working, blowing hot air, leaking coolant, or you’re experiencing a musty smell it is likely your system needs a tune-up or repair. Katie’s Tire & Auto mechanics can diagnose the problem and make the right car AC repair for you.


From fuel pumps to fuel injectors to carburetors—the skilled professionals at Katie’s Tire & Auto can fix any component of your vehicle’s fuel system. We also offer fuel system cleaning which includes servicing of clogged air filters – one of the most common fuel-system problems. So, if you notice your car sputtering at higher speeds, or that your car is leaking fuel, swing by our location nearest you. Our trained techs will diagnose and repair the problem correctly the first time.


Rotating your tires regularly is a key part of tire maintenance. In fact, the tire industry recommends rotating your tires every 5,000-6,000 miles. Regularly rotating your tires helps maintain tire safety and achieve even tread wear and long tread life, which ultimately saves you money in the long run.


A car that has a tendency to drift towards one side of the road or the other is a sure sign your car is out of alignment. Another major sign is irregular tire wear. Your tires wear down more quickly when your car is out of alignment. It is also harder to steer which can be dangerous. Don’t put this important repair off.


If your muffler is covered in soot, you’re hearing loud noises, or your experiencing rattling or shaking when your car is on idle, you may need to have your exhaust system repaired or replace your muffler. A good exhaust system will give you better gas mileage.


Katie’s Tire & Auto can recommend and install the right battery for your vehicle and get you back on the road in no time! Still, the best time to replace your battery is before it dies. Stop in and our skilled mechanics can test and replace your battery before you’re left stranded.


Old or damaged windshield wipers and burnt out lamps are legitimate safety hazards. Bring your car to Katie’s Tire & Auto for outstanding, affordable service. No matter how large or small your vehicle maintenance issue, the friendly owners and staff at Katie’s are here to get you back on the road fast.


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